Garrison Technology Ltd

Software Engineer

October 2021 - Present

London, United Kingdom

  • Linux kernel & Android development work on ARM devices.
  • Providing BSP, optimising kernel and driver code/config.
  • Verification & Validation of the product.

SkyLift UAV

Software Developer

June 2021 — October 2021

London, United Kingdom

  • Designed & built a video streaming module for UAVs.
  • Researching and solving complex computer vision problems.
  • Rewriting the existing software stack — python —> c++.

Middlesex University

Student Learning Assistant for Science and Technology

October 2018 — March 2020

London, United Kingdom

  • Teaching Assistant for
    • Software Development
    • Hardware Development
    • Software Architecture Design
    • Computer Science modules
  • Assisted with teaching in-class and out-of-class.
  • Assisted teaching staff to conduct workshops and tutorials
  • Helping with outreach programs and Conducting after school workshops for primary school students


Contract work as a Linux Stack Developer / SysAdmin

October 2018 — February 2019

London, United Kingdom

  • Maintenance of the Linux Software stack for different models of Microscope.
  • Helped to develop a method of upgrade to a new hardware revision.
  • Reducing the resource foot-print of the current embedded OS and software stack.


January 2014 — July 2017


  • Contract work for local MSMEs and shops.
  • Website building and hosting, Setting up IT Infrastructure.
  • Recommending and setting up CRM software, as well as providing training.
  • Helping set up a bulk digitization programme.
  • General IT repair and maintenance work.