Yash Bhardwaj

I'm a software developer with a penchant for hardware development. I like taking apart stuff to see how it's made and try to make it better, eventually when things break, and they do I love repairing it back together. A non-trivial amount of my time goes behind this exercise. But I learn a lot of new things and that makes me happy.

So when I said I like taking apart stuff it wasn't just in the hardware context, I absolutely love doing the same to software; reason why I love open source. I don't trust and/or like closed source software/hardware. But it has it's place in the global economy, not one I agree with but I am not the kind of person to think that anything I don't agree with shouldn't exist.

Progress is made when differing perspectives, opinions, and ideas compete together to get ever closer to perfection.

Apart from all of the above I am very much focused on the details. Considering all the details in a project, reasons for a particular implementation — basically the whys, hows, whats — really captivate me. Which is why cooking has been something that I like a lot, the way ingredients interact, is very fascinating.

Given how I love details I have always had a keen interest in different STEM fields especially Mathematics, Chemistry — reason why I adore cooking, still not a good cook though — Physics, Mechanical & Electrical Engineering. P.S I hate biology

All of this leads to me, thinking, effecting change — good natured change. Thus I exist.